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21 Mar

This is Part 1


Part 2

Hola!  The delightful experience continues…..

An Asian influenced Tapas was next.  TBW could eat this with rice!


Make sure salmon is fresh.  It has to bright in color, not pale and anemic looking.  Flesh should be firm, not sagging.  Like it goes to the gym regularly =))

Salmon in full color

Procedures:  Pour sesame oil in pan.  Sautee garlic, onions and red/green bell pepper.  Grate ginger into pan.  By this time, a marvelous aroma fills the room. Stay focused and continue cooking =) Put in the salmon.  Sear.  Add sliced fresh button mushrooms.  Kikkoman and chili flakes (the Japanese brand Tongarachi is preferred) are next.  Then pour a bit of white wine (of course from the bottle you already opened for yourself  to drink=)).  Add sugar (better brown), sprinkle pepper.  Cook until salmon is half cooked.  Pour sesame oil to finish.

Thanks to food stylist Rizza for this shot =)

This tapas is soooo good and if arranged all together in a serving platter, can be served as a main course.  For wine pairing, Chef Marco set us free by choosing either the Grand Bridge Muscato or the Cape Jaffa Chardonnay.  Some chose both =)

Tips:  1.)  You may substitute salmon with shrimp, tuna or any protein, even tofu.  2.)  Do not over cook fish.

The last but definitely not the least of the 4 tapas is the Spicy trout and cheese cigars. This is definitely a fitting finale for the workshop as the end product created an explosion of flavors in the mouth.  Always end with a bang to create impact, right?

Chef Marco Legasto was very consistent in his wondrous ways that he prepared a cheese spread with fine ingredients to go with the “cigars”.

In a food processor, he put several types of  “immortal” cheeses like  goat, cheese with truffles, bleue, goat curd, Brebirousse d’ Argental (one of my faves) and more.  All purpose cream was added to soften the mix.  Juice of 1 1/2 lemon and chili flakes were added next.  And then….tada….truffle oil once again!  Blend well.

Tips:  1.) For a simpler and practical version, TBW and Rizza think that using “mortal” cream cheeses like Philadelphia or Magnolia  are good enough =)  2.) Or use any leftover soft cheese you have in the ref.

On to the cigar…..

Spread cheese on one sheet of lumpia wrapper. Better to use the square shape. You'll find out why in a bit =)

Layer smoked trout on top of the cheese spread. You can use smoked salmon, tinapa or any smoked fish.

Add a sheet of nori wrapper. Nori wrapper is usually square in shape. That's why it's better to use square lumpia wrapper. Place 2 or 3 sprigs of Arugula and cilantro on one side of the wrapper.

Roll like a cigar. Seal edges with a little egg and flour.

Fry “cigar” for 10 seconds or just enough for wrapper to crisp.  Avoid frying too long as inside ingredients may be compromised.

The ideal fry look. Best to lay on paper towel for oil to be absorbed.

Cut like sushi. About 1 inch thick.

Experience the 4th of July with the burst of different flavors in your mouth.  Really!  Wait for the layers of distinctive tastes to come out and savor each delectable goodness. Plus the crunchiness of the greens, nori and lumpia wrapper adds the element of texture to every bite.  Perfect combination!

Spicy trout & cheese cigars. A very colorful & delicious tapas

Tips:  1.) To balance out the saltiness of the smoked trout and cheese spread, perhaps a nice balsamic vinaigrette dip can accompany this tapas.  2.)  Make sure “cigars” are fried minutes before they’re to be eaten otherwise, they may turn soggy and the crunchiness appeal is lost.

Chef Marco Legasto

Muchisimas gracias, Chef Marco!  We immensely enjoyed that afternoon.  We are now  tapas friendly and tapas wiser that a “tapas party” is in the offing =)  Here is looking forward to the next gourmet workshop….with or without the truffle oil….right BBF’s? (as in Basketball Fans =))


TBW borrows this quote from “neighbor”  My Grandparents’ Kitchen to end this 2 part entry:

“Good oil, like good wine, is a gift from the gods. The grape and the olive are among the priceless benefactions of the soil, and were destined, each in its way, to promote the welfare of man.”

–George Ellwanger




9 Feb

Salmon Gravlax with 2 kinds of delicious sauces and capers

Cheese platter with good parmigiano reggiano, queso de cabra, brie, nuts, fruit et al

When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I’m feeling sad,          I simply remember (and eat) my favorite things and then I don’t feeeel soooo bad =)


7 Feb

Yes it does!  The Chinese New Year is suppose to be celebrated for 2 weeks straight. TBW would like to follow and be true to tradition,  continue to do so by way of eating! Isn’t that a good excuse to eat, eat, and eat ? =)

Dimusum Galore

Lobster Tail with XO Sauce

Peking Duck

We prefer our duck pure…all meat (and fat) =)

Dark Duck Meat

Dessert platter

Dessert: Clockwise honeydew melon,dragon fruit, square hopia, round hopia, peanut pudding with tapioca balls, buchi

I always look forward to this dessert…creamy peanut pudding with chewy tapioca balls. Really yummy!

And of course….tikoy!

Tikoy with Cheese

Then to cap the meal….fortune cookies!

For good fortune!



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