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27 Apr

And that’s exactly what we did one Saturday evening.

Let's do the claw!

The restaurant’s decor and uniforms of the staff were done according to theme…..seafood.  Crabs in particular.


Tables have holes in the middle to house stainless steel buckets. These buckets are where we discard seafood shells and peels. How strikingly innovative and very practical and useful for diners.

"There's a crab on my head!"

Peace sign. Thank you for posing, Arlene.

Peace, Love & BBQ at Clawdaddy's. How cool is that!

Time to eat!

Amanda in a crab bib.

Baked Oysters with 4 cheeses

Fresh succulent oysters complemented by a melange of sharp chesses. We know where to throw the shells =)

Seafood marinara pizza. Yum!

Delicious shrimp pasta

Tribute to Paolo: Amaretto Sour. Refreshingly good. A fave of TBW now!

A welcome treat: Mudpie ala mode

Check out Clawdaddy’s at Nuvali.  Ambience, food and service meet expectations.


12 Apr

The purpose of Lent is to prepare the believer through prayer, repentance, and self-denial for the annual commemoration during Holy Week of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus.  According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, Lent provides people purification by weaning them from sin and selfishness through self-denial and prayer and thus, creating in them the desire to do God’s will and to make His kingdom come by making it come first of all in their hearts.  One can effectively relive the mystery of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus with a purified mind and heart.

Tradition of most in observance of Lent is to sacrifice eating meat beginning Ash Wednesday, every Friday after and from Holy Monday to Black Saturday.  There are modifications now regarding the period but nonetheless, meat is to be taken out of each meal.  My questions are…..What happens if the individual does not really eat meat because:  diet says “no meat” for health and vanity reasons; daily sustenance cannot afford meat due to prohibitive pricing; has been an animal rights activist for the longest time; a vegetarian;  or simply dislikes meat?

These questions are to be answered by moi as well at the end of this post. In the meantime, here are seafood and vegetable dishes that can be had if one were to traditionally follow the no meat sacrifice.   Also, to  keep as idea(s) for weekly menus at home.

Penne pasta salad with seafood pesto sauce


Sizzling bangus belly. Pour vegetable or fish stock based gravy on top for added flavor and sizzle.

Grilled pompano with a soy & lemon based sauce. Healthy wealthy!

Calamares fritos con tartare or honey mustard dip

Five spiced smoked tanigue with capers cream dip

Seafood terrine with tomato corn salsa

Tomato & corn salsa with a bit of spice. Yum!

Cold steamed blue crabs with various condiments

Condiments like spicy vinegar, fish & soy sauce, cilantro, roasted garlic mayo(my fave), chili sauce, etc.

Ultra delicious seafood stew with mushrooms & olives

All of these dishes are from Cafe Astoria at Astoria Plaza in Ortigas except the bangus belly which is from Dencio’s Robinsons Manila.

With delectable food like that, where is the essence of self-denial and sacrifice?

Not wanting to sound sacrilegious, TBW believes that one must sacrifice something that is dear, precious or important to oneself in order to practice sincere self-denial.  It is the intent that is important.  Examples:  If one can’t survive the day without logging on to his/her FB account, then sacrifice that by not doing;  An addict texter can suspend texting during Good Friday;  give up soda/wine/cheese/ice cream/sweets during Lent if these are your favorite indulgences;  don’t have a mani/pedi during Holy Week;  no shopping for shopaholics….no bags for bagaholics… alcohol for alcoholics……no blogging for bloggaholics =)))



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