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10 Mar

Pamora Farm, Inc. in Abra is home to free range chickens and is involved in Eco-Agri Tourism operations as well.

The farm raises French breed free-range chickens, organic vegetables, carabao mangoes and other tropical fruits.  Free-range chickens are available whole and dressed in spring, broiler, special and capon sizes.

French home-made pates and confit are also produced by them.  Aside from the usual chicken liver pate, there are also chicken breast pate and chicken breast liver pate.  What is amazing is that they make chicken gizzard pate and it doesn’t taste anything like gizzard.

Pate, confit and free-range chicken eggs

The eco-tourism part comes in as the farm is open to the public that wish to stay in the farm guest house and bamboo cottages.  Vacationers are exposed to the natural beauty of the Abra river.  Swimming, bamboo rafting, picnicking and camping by the river, and trekking are among the activities one can do, bearing in mind the preservation of the environment and respect for the local community, befitting a true eco-tourist.

Frenchman Gerard is the friendly Pamora stall owner at Mercato Centrale who engages people in animated conversations and eventually, convinces his audience to try out the products on display.  Wife Tina handles the resort accommodations side and she can be reached at mobile number:  09175375639.

Wouldn’t we all be happy and at peace if respect for any type of life be it human, animal form, nature or the environment be the norm for everyone? Yes we will be for sure.


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