5 Jun

As mentioned in my most previous post, Din Tai Fung Taiwan, the basement in Taipe 101 holds an assortment of food and a supermarket to boot.  Needless to say, it was a natural decision for food loving people to proceed there.

L-R:  Beef, pork & chicken jerky; gourmet teas; prepared hocks, chicken & duck; mini pastries

Beard Papas!!!

Godiva chocolates, artisanal breads and a lot more!

Supermarket goodies!

Prepared sashimi & sushi, seafood, chocolates

Coffee making equipment, buns & pastries and more chocolates!

Visit Taipei 101, head for the basement food haven, try Din Tai Fung there so at least while waiting in line you’ll still be in a climate controlled environment, go shopping in the many retail shops and don’t forget to go to the observatory on the topmost floor.

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