24 May

This is a much delayed and anticipated (?) post.  Din Tai Fung, a very popular dumpling place specializing in xiao long bao was visited December of 2011 to what else….have those dumplings infused with savory broth and to sample its other offerings.  Din Tai Fung’s branch at Taipei 101 was the place of choice as it is located a level up from a basement filled with an assortment of food items and a supermarket.

After food shopping at the basement, we headed for Din Tai Fung which had  a queue of people waiting to get in.  We weren’t surprised as this was expected in all branches even at an early time of 10am.

A welcome sight for those waiting…Operation dumpling! Dumpling makers dressed in white, masks, caps and gloves on looking like doctors in an operating room, rolling, pounding and filling those handmade wrappers.  All these happening in a glass enclosed preparation area. A public treat alright. Bottom right shows queue of people as early as 10am.

Menu. This is a one Michelin star restaurant.

TBW immediately liked the service.  Upon seeing our shopping bags, the lady attendant provided us with folding canvas containers similar to a clothes hamper, to put bags in.  And to complete the service experience, linen covers were placed on top for security and aesthetic purposes.

Great idea!

Dipping sauces made of ginger slivers & black vinegar waiting for the piece de resistance. We also ordered this appetizer dish which looks like a mould of hay, but can’t recall name as it’s been some time.  It is made of tofu and is a typical Taiwanese dish.

Finally….two baskets of xiao long bao plus an order of shrimp siomai.

And more….L-R: fried radish cake, shrimp & mushroom dumpling, vegetable dumpling, Din Tai Fung mascot. All yummy minus the mascot.

Queue of people still outside waiting to have happy faces & fulfilled stomachs like ours =)

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