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3 May

The Original Pantry Cafe on South Figueroa st. in Los Angeles has been serving breakfast fare to a multitude of people since 1924.  Fast forward to 2012 and we see this horizontal cafe with rustic decor still serving people that wait in line in the mornings just to have their carbo load.  We arrived at 7am and there was a short queue by the reception area already.  By 7:30am, the line starts building up outside until 12 noon.

Before 7am scene at The Original Pantry Cafe.  Half an hour later, a queue starts forming outside all the way until the end of the block, all the way until 12 o’clock!

It is the voluminous breakfast food that people come for.   A meal in this legendary place can get you going way past lunch time.

Breakfast menu. Customers as early as 7am.

Containers of salsa were served on the side which went well with the potatoes.

The meal was no gustatory experience.  It was basic breakfast fare in huge portions, akin to carbo loading in the morning.  We certainly didn’t mind as this got us going and walking for hours until 2pm.  A sure good way to start the day!


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