17 Sep

A dear friend, Marivi was in town for a fortnight.  We had two nights of fun, laughter, food and friendship with her.  

First night…Galore-ific!

At Omakase. Sushi, tempura et al.

Kids do rule!

Janina, Marivi, Mariles and TBW. Friendship beyond shores, space and time as it knows no boundaries.

Second night—just us ladies!!!

Epidural gang rocks Mona Lisa....Marivi, Liza, Mariles, Janina, Dani (to be inducted after 30 yrs) & TBW

Of course with food and wine. Cold cuts & cheese platter and panizza at Mona Lisa.

We miss you already!

Someone told me that it is better to have few true friends than to have a large network of pretentious ones….quality beats quantity all the time!  How true she was.

I forgot who told me that…hahaha!

One Response to “VISITATION”

  1. talia2011 September 19, 2011 at 2:59 am #

    What great pics. Thanks for sharing TBW! This will bring back great memories. =)

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