9 Aug

TBW has attended the WOFEX (World Food Exposition) for many years as a wide-eyed, avid spectator, searching for new & bright ideas in the vast area of food & beverage be it equipment, supplies, service, packaging, handling, business and more.  The past years had TBW’s bags filled with brochures, flyers, business cards & products to take home or to use & file at the office.  This year was no exception.  The only difference is that some photos were taken of those that were found interesting.   Just a few though, as there was a tendency to be too engrossed on the topic or product at hand that camera-clicking took a back seat.

Large & small booths at the WOFEX 2011

Many of the exhibitors had products & equipment from China & Taiwan. An indicative of power presence now & of things to come...

Was on the look out for heavy-duty blenders for the resto and found quite a number.

Longan & red date, plum, mulberry vinegar. The ones packaged in tetra packs can be drank straight like juice. These concentrated ones in bottles are to be diluted with water for a drink or used in pure form for cooking. Pineapple, apple and grape flavors are also available. Contact Hsueh-Fang Wu at for orders. They carry an extensive range of vinegars, sauces & even miso.

Funny decorative plates to hang on kitchen walls or to use as spoon rests.

Uncle George bread. Found in weekend markets. Most if not all their products are preservative-free, reason why only a couple of variants are found on supermarket shelves for retail.

Spelling of pichi pichi (grated cassava patties) caught my eye....

...and taste buds. Good, not too sweet, firm & topped with generous amount of cheese. Branches are in Malabon, Quezon City, Makati with tel number: 7295689

They also sell chili-garlic sauce which is a best seller.

Crocodile meat! HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), NMIS-AAA (National Meat Inspection Service) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified. Low in calories, good for asthma & heart, a natural aphrodisiac. Healthy indeed =)

Croc meat tenderloin. Available cuts are paws, fillet, ribs, legs, tail end, cross bone & neck chunks.

Croc cuisine: croc meat sisig & bicol express style. Also available in teriyaki & sausage. Call Coral Agri-Venture Farms 6348387 local 1675.

This super electric griller (as sold by sales people, good for 4) was the best discovery & buy for moi! The non-stick trays quickly gave me an idea to use this as a raclette maker!!! The granite top is ideal for grilling meats, seafood & more. It was a steal at 765 pesos. Others may have had the same mind-set as mine because this was the last piece left. A few days later, TBW saw a raclette maker, for 8, similar in design at Williams-Sonoma for US$150 or 6,500 pesos. Hope you dear readers get to spot this in local appliance stores (surprisingly with the brand Caribbean). Very happy not just due to the price but for the fun family eating activities we've had centered on this. Watch for the details in a future post.

These are a few of TBW’s many discoveries in this WOFEX 2011.   Looking forward to WOFEX 2012 for more finds!

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